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Autor Wątek: For Baking and cooking: convert grams to cups  (Przeczytany 12 razy)


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For Baking and cooking: convert grams to cups
« dnia: Października 31, 2022, 10:55:49 »

The gram is a universally accepted unit of mass measurement. In cooking and grocery shopping, it is by far the most often used unit of measurement for non-liquid ingredients. It is excellent practise to express recipe measurements in mass units because this results in a clear interpretation and makes accurately following the recipe a chore. So convert grams to cups is essential for any cooking or baking process. 
There are various meanings for the cup, a volume measurement unit. The definition that is most frequently used is that of the 240 ml-capacity US legal cup. Despite being used for many years, some ancient recipes might include Imperial cup measurements. They are also supported by our converter and slightly larger with a 284 ml millilitre equivalent.

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